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Memorable Messages...Delivered!

Your customers, prospects and employees remember everything that happens on the latest Netflix drama, YouTube sensation or the latest blockbuster movie. Do they remember your sales, marketing or training messages? They should!

You have an important message to convey and we are experts in figuring out which communication vehicle will get you the most bang for your buck. At McHenry Creative Services, we understand people, how they think, and most importantly, how they respond to messages. We provide entertaining and cost effective solutions to marketing, training and advertising challenges. We bring life to your message and ensure your employees or customers remember.

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Featured Projects

DEMONSTRATE: Experience the McHenry Creative Services’ style, breadth of experience, the power of “Engage, Excite, Educate.” in one brief demonstration segment. Truly Memorable Messages – Delivered!

Featured Case Study

STIMULATE: “Buying a car “your way.” McHenry Creative developed an excitingly paced Web series that reinforces the “Better” online buying experience available at Fred Beans Family of Dealerships.

Featured Case Study

ENLIGHTEN: Thanks in part to your precise planning of the evening, we succeeded in creating a long-lasting, positive memory of The Joseph Fund of Camden for our guests.”  Jim Catrambone, Executive Director. Click above to see “With A Hand Up, Anyone Can Soar.

Featured Case Study

EDUCATE: “Cooper Collaborative Care is all about relationships. Personal relationships with our patients, with our team, with our specialists and knowing that if we’re all playing together, we’re going to win the game.

Featured Case Study

RESONATE: “Reinforcing the brand while showcasing the talents of the team. Universal Machine and Engineering Company with McHenry Creative develop segments that enable forward thinking companies to get the edge on their competition.

Featured Case Study

UNIFY: Hallucinations are not dreams or nightmares. Acadia Pharmaceuticals launched a company and their first drug in one month – an unprecedented timeline. Ashfield with McHenry Creative took on the challenge.

Featured Case Study

ENGAGE: A sick child, anxious parents, worried extended family all informed, updated and advised via a well-executed Family meeting. McHenry Creative with CHOP created and launched an interactive series to more consistently achieve CHOP’s goal of safe, efficient and compassionate care.”

Featured Case Study

ENGAGE: Incontinence – that single word can conjure up so many emotions, so many concerns” An opening line that truly gets attention. For SCA/TENA, the global leader in continence products, this is an everyday encounter. The gauntlet thrown down to McHenry Creative – make incontinence acceptable to think about, acceptable to understand the emotion and help launch the TENA Personal Care Solution Program.”

Featured Case Study

McHenry Creative Testimonials

McHenry is very valuable to Arlington Heritage Group. I’d say, they’re an in-house idea shop for us.

Tom Tirney
President, Arlington Heritage Group

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McHenry Creative News

Making Memorable Messaging Matter

By: Thomas P. McHenry

By now, we’re all familiar with the arrow that plays video online and on social media. But while video is popping up on many new platforms, the same high-quality production principles must still apply if we want to harness its true power and impact.

  This is the first of many posts about how memorable messaging—that speaks effectively to the target audience—needs to be at the core of any video campaign. And the video quality itself needs to be uncompromised to effectively promote and enhance a brand, and motivate viewers to take action; buy, donate, volunteer or invest.  

These are the principles applied to a compelling video we produced for The Joseph Fund of Camden, a non-profit entity that raises money for six charities that strive to improve the life and prospects of Camden, NJ residents. The video’s mission is to help The Joseph Fund raise awareness of their partners’ charitable works, and more importantly, the money needed to fund on-going philanthropy.  

The video features on-camera interviews with key people associated with these area charities speaking about how vital The Joseph Fund’s fundraising efforts have been to supporting the community services they provide. The video shows a montage of examples, such as the pre-school education that St. Joseph Child Development Center provides, the skill building programs that Lucy Outreach provides area teens, and efforts by St. Joseph Carpenter Society to build homes for the homeless, and eradicate the causes of homelessness...


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