Cooper Collaborative Care

Customer Challenge: Cooper Hospital along with Camden County and Medical Insurance Broker Conner Strong and Buckelew, to reduce rising medical costs and claims, initiated a concierge medical practice that could be utilized by Camden County and Cooper Hospital employees. Finding a convenient, effective, memorable avenue to inform employees fell to McHenry Creative.

The McHenry Creative Solution:According to a report in Forbes Magazine; “Video is beyond entertainment. It has become a critical component in business, politics, corporate communication and social media. The messaging is concise and easy to understand, reaching people of all demographics. Ultimately, therein lies the power of video—the ability to effectively share beliefs and impact audiences worldwide from the comfort of their homes to the screens of their smart phones 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!” Thus, reaching the Camden County and Cooper Hospital employees with a concise, emotional, informative video was the tactic selected by McHenry Creative.

THE RESULTS: “Cooper Collaborative Care” the video includes comments from patients - “I decided to join, because he seems to care about every aspect of your disease or every aspect even if it’s not related to your disease.” “They know me like a family. “ “This program has saved my life.” And comments from Physicians; “Cooper Collaborative Care is all about relationships. Personal relationships with our patients, with our team, with our specialists and knowing that if we’re all playing together, we’re going to win the game.” Together these comments woven together by McHenry Creative effectively launched the program in both employee populations.


Think Communications Group – Assettmark

Customer Challenge: Investments represent more than profit or loss. They are the key to a better life for investors and their families - the is the Investment philosophy of AssetMark, a San Diego based firm. ThINK Communications Group crafted a resonating segment titled “Sailing and Rowing.” This concept was brought to McHenry Creative to bring the analogy to life.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “It’s been said that life is a journey. And while no two journeys are alike, at a certain stage along the way, many investors face a common question. Is your current financial strategy driving you toward your chosen destination?” The narration asked the questions. Utilizing a combination of still images, video, info-graphics and music the McHenry Creative team collaborated with the ThINK Group to create an experience – sailing and rowing - that allowed the audience to travel the ups and downs of investing and find solutions to each question raised.

THE RESULTS: This Investment Philosophy, brought to life by The ThINK Communications Group now resides on the Assetmark website and is shared with present and potential Investors.


Fred Beans TV

Customer Challenge: Fred Beans family of Dealership (19 Dealerships and growing) engaged McHenry Creative to install and operate an employee facing digital signage system within all the dealerships. Employee facing Digital signage reaches employees when they are most accepting – in a break room, the cafeteria, and common areas. Digital signage can give information about benefits, health & safety, employee recognition, sales opportunities, events, holidays, activities for the entire employee population.

The McHenry Creative Solution: FBTV airs on 50+ monitors. Weekly McHenry Creative designs and delivers the ”Better at Beans” message via video segments and graphic animations to employees throughout the Fred Beans footprint.

THE RESULTS: Employees at all the Fred Beans Family of Dealership locations stop at the FBTV monitors to get updated on company information, see what employees are being recognized for making it “Better at Beans,” receive safety tips, anniversary notices and employee discount updates. “FBTV is a powerful, effective way to communicate with our employees in so many different locations.” Expressed Beth Beans Gilbert, VP of Fred Beans Family of Dealerships.


College Tuition Benefit

Customer Challenge: Create a sustainable, repeatable “buzz” around a new and unique employee benefit.

The McHenry Creative Solution: Drive interest in The College Tuition Benefit with employees to raise awareness with employers. McHenry Creative constructed a two tiered strategy that was easy to implement in a geographically and demographically targeted areas. Phase one involved a TV commercial featuring those who benefit from the product – students, parents and employers. The message; “ask your employer about the College Tuition Benefit.” The commercials ran on numerous cable channels and we launched a You Tube channel to support the flight. Phase two involved a direct mail campaign aimed at employers in the same geographic area.

THE RESULTS: The message within the campaign “ask your employer about the College Tuition Benefit” created a ground swell of interest that was reinforced by the direct mail campaign sent to the employers. The two phase approach can be easily utilized, repeated to have impact in additional markets while keeping the focus on the target audience.


Team Toyota

Customer Challenges: Differentiate the dealership in an oversaturated auto dealer marketplace, develop a distinct brand and tag line, design integrated communications plan to drive sales.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “Team Toyota – I’m Part of the Team” met the challenge. Any purchase is based on a comfort factor the buyer has with a retail operation. The McHenry Creative team created a bond – “Part of the Team” -with the buyer (existing and potential customers) and the retail operation – Team Toyota. The McHenry Creative team researched and developed a slogan that resonates with customers and employees, crafted a campaign utilizing various media to reinforce the brand and slogan in sales efforts and hiring plus unleashed the powerful personality of the company president to strengthen the campaign and brand.

THE RESULTS: "I've had people in the barber shop I don't know and secretaries in offices come up to me and say, 'I want to be part of the Team.' This is a powerful branding campaign," declares Paul Muller, President and CEO of the Muller Automotive Group, who is a regular element in the on-going commercial campaign. "This branding campaign is memorable with customers, and is driving sales. A true win-win, Muller concluded.


St. Mary's Catholic School

The Challenge: With open enrollment schools must differentiate themselves to impress parents and attract students to attend. St Mary’s, in Schwenksville, PA, challenge was to bring to life their mission: “Building the Faith One Student at a Time”

The McHenry Creative Solution: Experience St. Mary’s – “Come and See” – and you’ll understand the passion, purpose and family that drives the growth at this parish. The theme “Come and See” crafted by McHenry Creative is a resounding invitation from the students, parents and staff to experience St. Mary’s School. The video utilized by St. Mary’s School on the Web and at Open House events is a visual and emotional exploration of this unique parish school.

THE RESULTS: The Archdiocese of Philadelphia evaluates schools and parishes every year. We have all heard of schools and parish being consolidated. St Mary’s is thriving and growing truly “Building the Faith One Student at a Time”

InsurCard - Better Than Cash

The Challenge: InsurCard is Prepaid Card for insurance claim payments for Homeowners, Automobile, Liability, and Catastrophe claims which features instant delivery of funds, in the field, in real time and a secure activation and funding controlled by the insurer. The challenge to promote the new product concept; detail the benefits to company and its customers and demonstrate the ease of implementation and use

The McHenry Creative Solution: Two audiences magnified the challenge; corporate insurance claims personnel and Customers – those who are making the claims. To drive home the safety and convenience to both audiences, real life scenarios were reenacted with a "Claims Adjuster" the end user, as spokesperson to bolster buy in.

THE RESULTS: InsurCard has just launched. Let us know when your next insurance claim payment is “better than cash.”

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The level of professionalism that…we were raised to by engaging with McHenry Creative is immeasurable.

James Catrambone
Executive Director, The Joseph Fund of Camden

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Making Memorable Messaging Matter

By: Thomas P. McHenry

By now, we’re all familiar with the arrow that plays video online and on social media. But while video is popping up on many new platforms, the same high-quality production principles must still apply if we want to harness its true power and impact.

  This is the first of many posts about how memorable messaging—that speaks effectively to the target audience—needs to be at the core of any video campaign. And the video quality itself needs to be uncompromised to effectively promote and enhance a brand, and motivate viewers to take action; buy, donate, volunteer or invest.  

These are the principles applied to a compelling video we produced for The Joseph Fund of Camden, a non-profit entity that raises money for six charities that strive to improve the life and prospects of Camden, NJ residents. The video’s mission is to help The Joseph Fund raise awareness of their partners’ charitable works, and more importantly, the money needed to fund on-going philanthropy.  

The video features on-camera interviews with key people associated with these area charities speaking about how vital The Joseph Fund’s fundraising efforts have been to supporting the community services they provide. The video shows a montage of examples, such as the pre-school education that St. Joseph Child Development Center provides, the skill building programs that Lucy Outreach provides area teens, and efforts by St. Joseph Carpenter Society to build homes for the homeless, and eradicate the causes of homelessness...


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