The Joseph Fund - of Camden New Jersey

The Challenge: The Joseph Fund family of services provides assistance to the most vulnerable of our neighbors – those individuals and families living on the edge of poverty, and those who have fallen into even more desperate situations. The challenge to McHenry Creative was twofold; create a visual module that truly represents the overall mission to provide children and families in Camden, NJ a hand up, not a hand out. Plus, coordinate, direct and execute a major fund raising Gala.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “With A Hand Up, Anyone Can Soar” a video designed and delivered by McHenry Creative encapsulated the six diverse missions of the Joseph Fund into an informative, entertaining, unifying module. “The music was composed by two members of LUCY, The Joseph Fund youth group. “This was an enjoyable collaboration with the youth group,” explained McHenry Creative Senior Editor Matt Sundell. The Gala too reinforced the theme “With A Hand Up, Anyone Can Soar.” The Gala held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia was attended by over 450 people. The black-tie event included a multimedia presentation crafted by McHenry Creative, a 12-piece band and a live auction.

THE RESULTS: The video and event design ensured that the purpose and benefit of the Joseph Fund became a memorable message for all who attend the Gala. “Planning for all potential uses and to benefit the many areas of the Joseph Fund, McHenry Creative crafted the video module to be presented in full or in individual pieces highlighting each specific mission. This forethought ensured we can use this video on our website and specific mission related fundraising presentations. A great benefit and tool,” outlined James Catrambone, Executive Director of the Joseph Fund. Catrambone continued; “McHenry Creative’s expert involvement in the Gala, I feel, was instrumental in us obtaining the highest amount of fundraising we have ever accomplished.”

Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia

The Challenge: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has a long history of committed partnership with patients and families to provide the safest and highest quality care experiences. In order to consistently deliver on CHOP’s high standards, it is critical for all employees to have effective communication with patients, families and one another across the care team.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “Understanding the emotions from all angles is key,” revealed Tom McHenry, Project Producer/Director. McHenry Creative along with a team of CHOP physicians, social workers, nurses and families developed and launched an interactive training series – “Family Meetings 101.” McHenry Creative crafted the program design, consulted on the script, conducted onsite HD video production, handled post production and interactive computer programming. Family Meetings 101 - the interactive training - consists of numerous scenario-based modules, emphasizing the perspective of the medical personnel and family - punctuated with text and downloadable documents.

THE RESULTS: Launched on CHOP’s Learning Management System and mobile training portal, for completion by all medical staff members, this program reinforces best practices for communicating with families. Following these recommendations will help ensure that CHOP can maximize the benefits of holding a family meeting to more consistently achieve their goal of safe, efficient and compassionate care.

TD Bank – Diversity Initiative

The Challenge: Promote participation, within TD Bank, in self-identification through TD’s internal MyHR system. Increase Number of Employees who disclose ethnicity, disability status and veteran status in MyHR. Build TD's internal reputation with employees about diversity and inclusion. Drive awareness and educate Employees and people managers of importance of self-identification and encourage employees to join communities and connect.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “Craft an interactive program featuring employee each taking ownership of the concept by physically being a part of the construction of the logo, the self-identify brand, “Count Me In!” To launch the program the camera takes the point of view of an employee moving through the logo, a 3D perspective, as the profiled employees build each segment. The in depth profile of each involved employee is available via an interactive selection. Upon completion of the program, the camera rotates to the front revealing the completed logo. From the narration; “It’s not a building or a transaction or a department. It’s you. So bring your voice, your drive, your style, because you are what makes us. It happens every day. And it only happens because of you. Visit TeamWOW! Today click on the self-identify tab and you too can say – Count Me In.”

THE RESULTS: The series continues to increase self-identifying within TD Bank and has bolstered their diversity and inclusion initiatives. “Count Me In” to date has over 10,000 views on the TD employee intranet portal.

Fred Beans - Online Scheduler

The Challenge: 8 in 10 American car buyers report online reviews influence their selection of a dealership and the vehicle they purchase. This statistic reinforces the use of handheld devices and smartphones by car owners. Fred Beans’ Service team saw this as an opportunity to garner business by ensuring scheduling service and maintenance for your vehicle was a click away.

The McHenry Creative Solution: Demonstrating how easy scheduling service can be was the focus of the engaging elements we created to actively address the technically savvy customer. The module flows through the process defining the parameters, answering questions and visually touring the scheduling app

THE RESULTS: 15 unique versions covering the 20 automotive brands of the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships were created and launched onto the respective websites. Participation using the Online Service Scheduling has continually increased at each dealership, a convenience enjoyed by Customers using handheld devices and smartphones.

Philadelphia University - Bank of the Future

The Challenge: “You are the future in terms of banking so let’s go to it and create some beautiful projects,” announced Lauren Baumbach, Architect & Director of Interior Design at Philadelphia University, as the contest was launched. “Building the Bank of the Future” was the semester long challenge presented to the Architecture students at PhilaU by TD Bank. The test for McHenry Creative was to showcase the ideas and opinions of the contestants in a fashion that matched their collective creativity.

The McHenry Creative Solution: For the entire semester teams of McHenry Creative video crews and Producers documented the action as students, faculty and TD Bank executives progressed through the conceptualization, design and execution phases of the contest. The “blueprint” visual treatment of the video module brought to life the trials, tribulations, tension and finally the success of the student at every phase. PhilaU features this module on their web site to attract students to attend.

THE RESULTS: Each student team presented their digital and hand-crafted models to a panel of TD Bank and Philadelphia University judges. The winning team was awarded a trip to Toronto, Canada, where they will present their model at TD Bank Group’s Enterprise Real Estate annual conference. The video produced by McHenry Creative was a highlight of the conference.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with TD Bank to develop a vision of the future of banking,” said D.R. Widder, the University’s executive director of innovation. “This type of realworld, active education in collaboration with industry partners is what PhilaU’s multidisciplinary approach to innovation and sustainability is all about.”

TD Checking Check Up

The Challenge: With all the new banking regulations finding a place to stash your money so you get the most bang for your buck could be a hassle. Now is a really good time to find out if you are getting what you need from your checking account. Excite and educate was the gauntlet set forth by TD Bank.

The McHenry Creative Solution: In collaboration with TD Bank’s Media team, McHenry Creative crafted and coordinated a dual pronged approach. Part one was 60 dancing doctors on Time Square in New York City. This employee “Flash Mob” built the excitement around customers and prospects visiting TD Bank to have a “Checking Check Up.” With five cameras positioned around Times Square McHenry Creative captured the live event including one camera connected live to the ABC News jumbotron high above Times Square. The McHenry Creative team then immediately edited the dance and posted the “Checking Check Up Flash Mob” on you tube within 3 hours.

Part two included a video production that included a graphically created virtual set where our “doctor” traversed through floating prescriptions to help educate the audience regarding the factors involved in obtaining the right checking accounts for your needs. This too was launched solely on you tube.

THE RESULTS: Creating a buzz while enlightening the general public via social media is an exciting avenue; a perfect channel to allow your audience to access and comment on information you present. The Checking Check up campaign received close to 20,000 views on Youtube and the TD site.

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Crossing continents to communicate effectively with employees is critically necessary, can be costly, and often complicated.

McHenry Creative Services simplified the process for TD Bank’s Global Anti Money Laundering team and cost effectively connected employees in Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States during a three camera, three hour live webcast from New Jersey. 

“GAMLnews,” a broadcast news formatted employee town hall meeting gathered team members from across the globe to watch and ask questions live of the department senior executives and TD’s CEO.

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