Customer Challenges: Nebraska based Signal 88 Security is changing the face of security through powerful, industry leading solutions. They are passionate about making a real difference for the clients and communities that give them the privilege to serve them. But how do they get the word out to potential customers, employees and franchisees?

The McHenry Creative Solution: Never underestimate the power of great testimonials. Testimonials from customers, testimonials from employees both drive the message of passion, the message of making a difference. McHenry Creative crews traveled throughout several franchisee’s territories gathering footage and testimonials from customers and employees. The 6 hours of interviews was molded into two, four-minute modules. These modules are utilized on Signal 88’s website, in customer presentations and recruitment events.

THE RESULTS: “It did very well for us with bringing additional people to the website. I don’t mean like two or three clicks, I’m talking about hundred and thousands of clicks a month that videos drove to the website;” Outlined Sal DeRose, one of the owners of Signal 88 Security.


TENA Personal Care Solutions

Customer Challenges: “Incontinence – that single word can conjure up so many emotions, so many concerns” An opening line that truly gets attention. For SCA/TENA, the global leader in continence products, this is an everyday encounter. The gauntlet thrown down to McHenry Creative – make incontinence acceptable to think about, acceptable to understand the emotion and help launch the TENA Personal Care Solution Program.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “We all wish we knew what other people were thinking. That is the foundation of our creative treatment” described Tom McHenry, President of McHenry Creative. Thought bubbles animate above the head of nursing home residents, caregivers and family members. Each bubble is an uncomfortable thought resolved by the information detailed in the Personal Care Solution module. TENA is dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life – ensuring protection, comfort and discretion. And now you can have the right product delivered directly to your community; incontinence products delivered directly for your loved ones and for your peace of mind. The program resolves the uncomfortable with closing thought bubbles highlighting the benefits of the products.

THE RESULTS: TENA believes in delivering senior care that’s tailored to you and your loved one. We take the time to listen and to understand. This helps us provide a resident lifestyle that creates the most fulfilling experiences every day… even when living with incontinence. The Personal Care program will be launched utilizing the McHenry Creative produced video at Continuing Care, Retirement and Assisted Living facilities throughout the United States.


TD ATM Channel

Customer Challenges: TD Bank across North America continually improves the ATM experience for its Customers. McHenry Creative was tasked with developing a video module that would demonstrate this ongoing innovation at the internal TD North American Direct Channels roadshow attended by 1,300 employees in the US and Canada.

The McHenry Creative Solution: The McHenry Creative team crafted a module that allowed the audience to experience the innovation from the Customer’s perspective. Travelling from Toronto to Miami to enjoy the beach and shopping. The Customer encountered an issue – no US dollars. But due to TD innovation and a quick flashback layer designed into the module by McHenry Creative’s Matt Sundell, the Customer was all set. She could utilize TD’s innovative Cardless Cash option on the TD ATM to ensure she was all set to have fun in Miami.

THE RESULTS: The segment was geared to using innovation to solve a business challenge and was presented in a Shark Tank like live presentation. “The video module better illustrated the use case for the concept to make it relatable for the audience. Matt was a creative asset and a pleasure to work with” exclaimed Bridget Lennon, VP, Innovation, Strategy, ATM Channel at TD Bank.


Fred Beans Family of Dealerships

Customer Challenges: The growth of internet sales for vehicles is a challenge that must be addressed by every brick and mortar dealership. Dealerships must strive to build relationships and loyalty with customer comfortable buying on line.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “The slogan at Fred Beans proclaims; “It’s Better at Beans.” Building off that mantra McHenry Creative developed another way It’s Better at Beans by highlighting the ease of buying “Your Way.” The “Your Way” web video showcases how easy it is online to set up a test drive appointment, get an appraisal on your trade in, qualify for financing and get a video walk around of your preferred vehicle - all online. The video is sent by individual sales personnel to every customer who emails interest in a vehicle in the Fred Beans inventory.

THE RESULTS: The email web campaign to aid in buying “Your Way” has increased online sales, boosted brand awareness, strengthened customer loyalty and reinforced that it truly is “Better at Beans”.


Conner Strong and Buckelew

Customer Challenges: Explaining the details of each unique healthcare plan to employees of different firms is the ongoing test for McHenry Creative. Conner Strong & Buckelew, (CSB) one of the region's top Employee Benefit Firms, believes your benefits should drive your business forward. When designed and managed properly, a strong benefit program is your most important asset to successfully recruiting and retaining top talent.

The McHenry Creative Solution: “Customers are unique, benefits plans are unique thus the solution for each customer must be unique, relevant to each customer’s culture” Producer Matt Sundell expressed regarding the many distinctive segments. Working with Conner Strong and Buckelew, McHenry Creative crafted individualized segments for each Benefits customers, segments that featured a CSB employee taking on the role of educator for each specific CSB customer. These segments appeared to be generated by the Management team at each specific company and reside on that company’s intranet employee portal. These easily accessible segments educate those specific employees about their company’s unique healthcare benefits.

THE RESULTS: Each company, each firm that Conner Strong & Buckelew crafted a benefits plan and unique video modules for feels extraordinary, can recruit and retain top talent and are loyal customers to Conner Strong and Buckelew.


Freedom Credit Union

Customer Challenges: The assignment involved educating Freedom Credit Union’s Customers on the features and benefits of mobile and online banking apps launched by Freedom Credit Union. The program host proclaims; “Have you tried the new and improved mobile app from Freedom Credit Union? You haven’t tried it yet, well I can help. Let me show you – it’s easy to use and has really cool new features.”

The McHenry Creative Solution:“A friend showing a friend. A comfortable interaction to put the audience at ease while learning the ins and outs of each process.” Explained Producer/Director Tom McHenry. McHenry Creative collaborated with the Freedom Credit Union’s team to construct 11 short step by step demonstration modules. Topics ranged from set up to transferring funds, from phone capture deposits to deactivating or activating a credit card.

THE RESULTS:This initiative and educational video series, ensures the customer transition to online or mobile banking is smooth and comfortable. The self-help section of the Freedom Credit Union website features these various modules. The responsive design of the website allows the video to be accessed on any mobile device.


Universal Machine Engineering Corporation

Customer Challenges: The Universal Machine & Engineering Corporation (UMEC) team wraps our arms around all areas of system integration, including: design, fabrication, assembly, testing, controls, installation, specification, validation, training and maintenance. Once a custom machine is designed, built and tested, the task is crafting a video segment that captures the operations and unique features of each machine before it is delivered to the customer.

The McHenry Creative Solution: Within a 24 hour notice from Universal Machine, a McHenry Creative Producer and production team descend on the custom machine, craft an informative, yet entertaining script and document the machine from top to bottom. A concise video module is created to be utilized by the Universal Machine salesforce in demonstrations and on the UMC web site.

THE RESULTS: Each machine created by Universal Machine is unique, customized to each customer’s specifications and objectives. Each McHenry Creative video captures that uniqueness, captures that UMEC creations so potential customers can understand the breath of UMEC capabilities and challenge them to design and build a one of a kind machine for them.



Customer Challenge: “Caring about the safety of our people and those we serve, defines ARAMARK,” this significant statement, from the ARAMARK CEO needed to resonate among the ARAMARK employees and customers worldwide. A successful delivery of this message would have an emotional and a positive financial impact on the company.

The McHenry Creative Solution: To understand the true essence of ARAMARK's safety policy and share commitment to safe environments for their people, customers and clients everywhere, every day, every time, McHenry Creative Services fashioned a series of interviews with “real” ARAMARK employees relating the “real” impact of work related injuries: the impact to themselves, their families, the company and their customers. The video vignettes allowed the emotional and physical impact to be felt, realized and comprehended by each employee and customer viewing.

THE RESULTS: Delivered in both English and Spanish “ARAMARK Safe” was distributed via the ARAMARK company intranet worldwide and to ARAMARK customers via email. The end result, again from the CEO’s note to employees; “Few things we focus on at ARAMARK are as important as safety. Providing world-class experiences, environments and outcomes it's a privilege we protect through a culture of shared responsibility for safety and compliance with policies, laws and regulations. We earn the trust of our stake holders through the continuous improvement of our safety performance. Everything you do, every day impacts that trust. So, thank you for your support and leadership of ARAMARK SAFE and our one best way.” The metrics on the future impact of Safety at ARAMARK are ongoing.


McHenry Creative Testimonials

Tom and his team have helped us with all our internal communications needs. The work is professional and very creative. I highly recommend McHenry Creative Services!

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Making Memorable Messaging Matter

By: Thomas P. McHenry

By now, we’re all familiar with the arrow that plays video online and on social media. But while video is popping up on many new platforms, the same high-quality production principles must still apply if we want to harness its true power and impact.

  This is the first of many posts about how memorable messaging—that speaks effectively to the target audience—needs to be at the core of any video campaign. And the video quality itself needs to be uncompromised to effectively promote and enhance a brand, and motivate viewers to take action; buy, donate, volunteer or invest.  

These are the principles applied to a compelling video we produced for The Joseph Fund of Camden, a non-profit entity that raises money for six charities that strive to improve the life and prospects of Camden, NJ residents. The video’s mission is to help The Joseph Fund raise awareness of their partners’ charitable works, and more importantly, the money needed to fund on-going philanthropy.  

The video features on-camera interviews with key people associated with these area charities speaking about how vital The Joseph Fund’s fundraising efforts have been to supporting the community services they provide. The video shows a montage of examples, such as the pre-school education that St. Joseph Child Development Center provides, the skill building programs that Lucy Outreach provides area teens, and efforts by St. Joseph Carpenter Society to build homes for the homeless, and eradicate the causes of homelessness...


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