McHenry Creative Services, based in Harleysville, Pennsylvania - a suburb of Philadelphia - has a unique perspective in handling business and corporate communication challenges.

Your customers, prospects and employees remember everything that happens on the latest Netflix drama, YouTube sensation or the latest blockbuster movie. Do they remember your sales, marketing or training messages? They should!

You have an important message to convey and we are experts in figuring out which communication vehicle will get you the most bang for your buck. At McHenry Creative Services, we understand people, how they think, and most importantly, how they respond to messages. We provide entertaining and cost effective solutions to marketing, training and advertising challenges. We bring life to your message and ensure your employees or customers "remember."

Our services include creating internal and external communications: interactive multi-media; sales and training programs; corporate live events; and advertising messages.

Our Services Include:

Interactive MultiMedia

McHenry Creative Services energizes your visual communications from concept, through production, to completion and measurement. When you need to IMPRESS a client, IMPROVE your sales or TRAIN your team McHenry Creative Services provides professional presentations that leave a lasting and impactful impression.

We consistently apply creative and imaginative thinking to your project to make sure your team has an immersive multimedia experience that they not only will learn from, but will talk about long after. An investment in sales, training or advertising could reap results that impact the audience and your bottom line. Creative Interactive multimedia enhances retention, memory and recall- all resulting in a measurable impact to your investment.

Interaction increases retention, Entertainment drives recall, together equals Memorable Messages...Delivered.

Sales & Training Videos

Need to educate your Managment team, a department, staff or sales force? Then McHenry Creative Services can provide the memorable solution for you. WE LISTEN to your goals, your needs; then work with you on crafting a creative concept, developing an engaging script, and an efficient process to accomplish. Our goal is to provide the best and most creatively captivating content to your target audience so that when the training process is completed, the content is retained to have a positive influence on your investment.

McHenry Creative services can also help you maximize your investment by providing variations on your video for specific audiences’ that need specific content, and we can even provide you content in multiple languages.

Bring us your challenge, we’ll deliver you the MEMORABLE RESULT!

Meetings & Live Events

From corporate motivational events, product launches and team building, to shareholder meetings and company celebrations, McHenry Creative has the expertise and creativity to enable you to deliver your message with IMPACT and MEMORABLE content. The McHenry Creative team enables you to present your content without worrying about the little details, we work with you on hitting your benchmarks on time; additional engagement techniques (musicians, actors, set design elements, lighting and special effects, and more); video coverage; print materials, promotional products and most importantly making sure your content is POWERFUL and ENGAGING!

No creative services team matches McHenry Creative Services, when it comes to the experience and understanding of how to put together a world-class meeting or live event. So make sure you’re working with the best to make sure your message is MEMORABLE!

The MOST DYNAMIC meetings begin with a call to McHenry Creative Services! 1-877-MCS-0345 


Reaching your audience with a message that will drive interest and stimulate sales can become a tedious quest.

The McHenry Creative Services team truly has the experience your business needs to deliver that clever, creative and most importantly MEMORABLE campaign to your audience! Plus we have the know-how to place your media in the appropriate outlets- from broadcast to web- that your target audience views so that your message is DELIVERED!

Memorable, targeted advertising begins with a solid plan of action! And McHenry Creative Services has the right plan for you! Contact us today at 215-513-0251 and get ready to be MEMORABLE!

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Very professional, Very Detailed. It's a pleasure to work with the McHenry Creative team.

Paul Richard
President, eTechnology Solutions

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McHenry Creative News

Making Memorable Messaging Matter

By: Thomas P. McHenry

By now, we’re all familiar with the arrow that plays video online and on social media. But while video is popping up on many new platforms, the same high-quality production principles must still apply if we want to harness its true power and impact.

  This is the first of many posts about how memorable messaging—that speaks effectively to the target audience—needs to be at the core of any video campaign. And the video quality itself needs to be uncompromised to effectively promote and enhance a brand, and motivate viewers to take action; buy, donate, volunteer or invest.  

These are the principles applied to a compelling video we produced for The Joseph Fund of Camden, a non-profit entity that raises money for six charities that strive to improve the life and prospects of Camden, NJ residents. The video’s mission is to help The Joseph Fund raise awareness of their partners’ charitable works, and more importantly, the money needed to fund on-going philanthropy.  

The video features on-camera interviews with key people associated with these area charities speaking about how vital The Joseph Fund’s fundraising efforts have been to supporting the community services they provide. The video shows a montage of examples, such as the pre-school education that St. Joseph Child Development Center provides, the skill building programs that Lucy Outreach provides area teens, and efforts by St. Joseph Carpenter Society to build homes for the homeless, and eradicate the causes of homelessness...


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