We’re all familiar with the arrow that plays video online and on social media. But although video seems to be popping up everywhere across a wide range of platforms, high-quality production principles cannot be sacrificed if you want to harness true power and impact. And the video quality needs to be uncompromised to effectively promote and enhance a brand, and motivate viewers to take action: buy, donate, volunteer or invest.  

McHenry Creative Services applied these principles to a compelling video for The Joseph Fund of Camden, a non-profit entity that acts as a fundraising clearing house to raise money for six organizations working to improve the life and prospects of Camden, NJ residents. The video’s mission was to raise awareness of The Joseph Fund’s partners’ charitable efforts, and more important, to help secure the money needed to fund on-going programs.  

The video uses on-camera interviews with key people associated with these organizations to explain – in their own words – the vital role The Joseph Fund’s fundraising efforts have made to support the community services they provide. Through a montage of stories and examples, the video explores the impact of pre-school education offered at the St. Joseph Child Development Center, the skill building programs Lucy Outreach provides area teens, and efforts by St. Joseph Carpenter Society to not just build houses for the homeless, but to eradicate its underlying causes. 

Similarly, we produced a series of videos a leading pharmaceutical company used to launch its next-generation cancer drug. Presented at its October 2017 product launch meeting in Barcelona, Spain, the project required us to coordinate video production around the world, including capturing on-camera interviews with global corporate executives, doctors, and patients in Sweden, Spain, Singapore, England, Canada and France. Now a valuable sales tool, the videos convey the impact this new drug has not only on increasing life expectancy, but its ability to improve the quality of life of those battling cancer.      

McHenry Creative Services also produced a series of 24 videos (12 in English and 12 in Spanish) to aid Conner Strong & Buckelew – a nationally recognized, NJ-based insurance brokerage firm – in explaining the details of a new employee benefits program it had customized for a client, a regional food services powerhouse with more than 140 restaurants. These videos, accessible from the food service company’s internal network, effectively convey a wealth of information about the medical, vision, and dental plans in the clearest, simplest, and most convenient way.  

Whether viewed in a venue, on television, or online, a well-crafted video can positively showcase our client’s brand(s) and deliver memorable messages that matter.